Growtopia Hack 2018 for Growtopia Free Gems *SAFE*

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If you need to know how to get growtopia free gems than look no further. Games like Growtopia are games played by many players from all over the world. These kind of games need some extra push to help players get the most fun of it. Using this growtopia hack 2018 players will be able to get as many as 150000 free gems every day. What does it take to receive these amounts of free gems? Stay with us and find out if you are eligible to get growtopia free gems.

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What is Growtopia

Techically, Growtopia is an open world sandbox type of game where players can build their own worlds. These worlds need to be locked if players want to keeo it for themselves. Learn here  how to properly lock your door in growtopia. In your own world you have the freedom to collect as many gems and to build whatever you want. A proper lock will help you stay safe without the fear of getting your creations smashed down by other players. Growtopia is even more than building and creating and protecting your worlds. It’s also a social platform where you interract with other players and make friends. The 2D pixelated graphics make Growtopia adventure an unique experience. Even more, you can play the game from PC, Android and iOS.

Growtopia Gems

One of the main goals of Growtopia is to farm for gems. Gems can be farmed in various ways. Sometimes this makes the game more fun and it gives you sense of purpose. There are slower, tedious ways of farming for gems but there are also more productive way to farm gems in growtopia. Click out these growtopia farming tips video to learn how to properly farm for your gems.

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However, things can get even better. Today you can also have growtopia free gems. Using this new growtopia hack 2018 you will be able to generate many thousands of gems without having to farm for them. Or at least you won’t be required to farm as much as before. This is not an unlimited gems hack. Growtopia hacks that promise unlimited growtopia free gems are not trustworthy and can put your account at risk. Our gem hack has a specific daily limit which makes the tool 100% safe and reliable. There are specific features that make this growtopia hack 2018 safe to use and help keep the game as fun as before.

Growtopia Hack 2018 Features

The main features that come with this growtopia hack are the safety features. You can activate the proxy server which will enable your account to become untraceable. It will delete any proofs of your account being connected to our servers. Secondly and most importantly is the safety feature “Payment Emulation“. What does this actually do? The growtopia hack 2018 will generate specific amounts of free gems. These amounts are the same amounts of free gems you can buy from the store (5000, 12000, 40000). These amounts are working together with the Payment Emulation feature to make your account look as if you have been purchasing the gems. It is what makes this growtopia free gems hack a perfect job in keeping your account safe. There is no risk being banned and losing of all your creations along with your account.

Growtopia Hack Video Demonstration

Lastly, we have the “Select Country” feature. It is optional as the program can also work no matter your location. But we have servers located in more countries across the globe and selecting the location you live (or at least the closest one) will help the program be faster and more accurate in delivering the free gems.

How to get Growtopia Free Gems

To get your hands on the free gems you first need to know this: you cannot generate more than 114000 of free gems on 24 hours time spawn. This limit is the total amount of gems you can generate (5000, 12000, 40000) multiplied by two. However, you account also needs to be one month old to be able to use this hack. To be able to use this hack to get growtopia free gems you need to go to the growtopia online hack page.

Here you will have to enter your username, select the amount of free gems, select your location (optional) and activate the safety features (Proxy Server and Payment Emulation). Recheck if username is properly typed and click the generate button to start the program. In the video posted the program works really fast. Depeding on your lcoation and on the number of users, it can work slower for you. It can take more until you will see the gems into your gems balance.

What is your opinion regarding these kind of gaming hack tools? Do you oftentimes use these kind of programs for your games? Do you think is bad using these kind of tools for your advantage? Let us know in the comment section or on the Contact page what are your thoughts regarding this growtopia hack.

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  1. FirstLonny

    This is good stuff I wish I had foudn this long time ago. It looks really good from here hope you keep updating it so it will work foreveeeer. Thank you!

  2. Quentin04

    really useful tool even though it has a daily limit, i wish I could have generated 10000000 free gems at once 😀


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