What exactly is the Growtopia Gem Generator?

The growtopia generator available here on freegtgems.com is a tool developed to help you get free gems into your growtopia account. We believe that having a method to get a few gems each day will bring in a great advantage to the overall game without hurting the company.

Who are you and why do you create these hacks?

We are a team of coders and we create these hacks hoping that we bring a level of balance within the world of games. We believe that games can sometimes be unbalanced and we try to ‘fix’ things creating tools such as this growtopia gem generator. Companies have to implement a currency within their games to help support the game. The prices for these in-game currencies such as gems on growtopia are having the same price for any country. Wages are different in different parts of the world. Whilst some people may easily buy the gems with real money, others are not able to do so.

Will my account get banned?

This is what makes a succesful team of coders. Our tools are created with you in mind. There is no risk using this gem hack. If there exists one we would not publicly release the tool. Our safety features are unique and are crceated to keep your account safe and to make the game more balanced. The payment process implemented within the online hack will keep your account 100% safe.

How many free growtopia gems can I have?

This is one more aspect that makes this growtopia online hack safer. You are not able to generate more than 114000 free gems each day into one account. Your account must also be one month old for the online tool to work for you. Generating a limited amount of gems will promote the purchase of gems. People using it will pay for the gems from the store because they feel they receive a lot more than they pay. 114000 free gems may not be enough sometimes. You can either wait for the second day or just buy some from the store.

Is this free to use?

Currently, there are no restrictions. Anybody can use the growtopia gem generator to get free gems on growtopia. However, our servers have limited resources. This means that if many players accessing our servers simultaneously may overload our servers. We need to prevent this from happening. For this we have an anti-overload system which will activate the verification systems. This will help keeping our servers in optimal conditions. These verifcations may pop-up as surveys or as simpler verification methods depending on the amount of time required to get back our servers in optimal levels.

Are my credentials safe when using the gem generator?

This version of the generator will not ask for your password. All it needs is your account username. Activating the safety features will help delete any trace of your IP with our servers. SO please do not forget to do this while using the growtopia generator.

Where is the official page of the growtopia online hack?

The official page of is here: growtopia online hack. There is also no download required. You can use this generator from any device. Android, PC, MAC, Microsft and iOS phones as well.

Happy Building!