Here on Free GT Gems we hope to deliver a warm feeling of carrying and understanding. Our programs along with this growtopia gem hack are created to help you enhance your experience. Having free gems in growtopia will take you to the next level. Instead of wasting time on farming, you can now spend your time building. Building is great for you and for your brains.

Who We Are

We are a small group of people with a extensive history within the world of hacks and cheats. Our goal is to have a more balanced world. We are not empowered to change the real world, but we believe we have what it takes to bring a balance within the virtual realms. Creating cheats for games will make the games more balanced among its players. Competition is good but being fair is more human and more fulfilling.

About The Growtopia Gem Hack And How it Works

The growtopia gem hack is developed with you in mind. Growtopia is a sandbox type of game where you can create whatever you want. We want you to create as much as possible and this is why you need a growtopia free gems solution. But most importantly we want to keep your creations safe. This means that your accounts needs to be in safe conditions while using this hack and while making use of the free gems. To accomplish this we had to implement some specific features.

A Safe Free Gems Solution is The Only Way

The first feature is the free gems daily limit. This limit will prevent your account being banned. You will not be able to generate more than 114000 free gems per day. Your account must also be 1 month old to access this gem hack. Secondly, you can only generate specific amounts of free gems. The amounts of free gems you can generate are 5000, 12000, 40000. These are the same amounts from the growtopia gems store. Having the same amounts goes together with the next safety feature.

The payment emulation feature will enable your account to stay 100% safe. This will help simualate a payment process within your account making it look as if you have bought the gems using real money. We believe that having a daily limit of free gems this will encourage some of the players to pay more often for the gems. The feeling of being grateful for the free gems may help the overall game with more players paying for gems.

If we would have created a free unlimited gems hack this would definitely be more problematic rather than helpful. Nobody would even think about paying for gems. Having a daily limit may actually raise the desire of buying even more. The online hack tool link can be found on the home page of Free Growtopia Gems where you can also read a lot more about the program. You just have to click on the image button. Complete the steps requried on the online page, recheck if everything is fine and click the generate button.